Plan > Build > Win

Build and refine your operational plan and develop the team to bring it to life.

Plan, develop, and diversify your cybersecurity workforce

Managed plan and pipeline

Manage and maintain operating playbooks and map recruitment to those to hire candidates that fit your needs

Assess your cyber programs and develop a plan to advance your organization’s capabilities and capacity. Then find the right talent match your desired maturity level.

Project-ready, trained professionals

Take the time and cost of training out of your equation. hire project-ready pros

Informed by employer demand and program sponsorship for DEI initiatives, we help nurture a robust pool of cyber talent for organizations to tap and encourage new entrants into the field.

Diverse candidate pool

Find the right candidate at the right time, while diversifying your cyber workforce

Diversify your workforce with our focus on providing opportunities to underrepresented communities. Hire the right person for the right job at the right time with our tools, resources, and planning aids.

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